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Moonraven Films, an Independent Film Company, was founded in 2015 by writer and producer, Liane Moonraven, the company's President and CEO and Creator/Executive Producer of The Carmen Online Theater Group.

Moonraven Films


SFGA Tony Watts is ready to retire from the military after serving for 20 years of dangerous, covert operations. It takes serious skills to be pull that off. Will he be able to settle down to normal, civilian life with his beautiful wife, Maria? Or does he have one mission left?


So, two assassins walk into a bar ...

Diamond is Forever

Even the most perfect diamond is a little flawed. Award-winning "Diamond is Forever" was an original audio theatre piece written and narrated by Liane Moonraven in 2015. Adapted to video in 2018, "Diamond" is the first installment of a 4-part, all women-produced web-series titled "Bodacious Baddies: Bad women doing bad things." With the original audio narration in-tact, the piece is brought to life by the amazingly talented Tenisha White starring as the main character, Diamond, acting out the story.

Darkness Awakens

The people of Clarington have no idea about their town's dark secret. Unbeknownst to them, there is a war raging between the forces of light and dark that has lasted millennia. There have been many casualties, leaving both sides weakened and with diminished powers. The Guardian, a warrior and safe-keeper of the sacred amulet, is the last of his kind. The veil protecting Clarington is thinning and time is running out quickly. An evil entity wants the amulet and won't let anyone or anything keep him from getting it. After thousands of years and over multiple realms, it's all come to this one final battle.


When GPS technology dictates our every movement - or does it? Erica Bridges is depending on her SAT NAV to get her to her friend's party. Things go well until she makes a wrong turn.

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